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 Basic Functions

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PostSubject: Basic Functions   Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:04 pm

Basic Functions

Now some general information:

* Left Mouse Button: Move, Attack, Lean, or Sit-down options
* Right Mouse Button: Use spells or skills
* [Ctrl] + Mouse Button: PK Attack
* F1: Help Menu
* F2: Dialogue Toggle
* F3: Whisper mode On/Off
* F4: Adjust Chat Window
* F5: Toggles chatting window
* Enter: Opens Text Box
* Shift: Holds Character position
* Space-bar: Picks up Item/Zen
* Print Screen: Takes Screen Shot
* ALT: Displays Item name on ground
* C: Character Stats
* I/V: Inventory
* M: Warp Menu (list of all maps)
* D: Command List
* Q: Uses default health item
* W: Uses default mana potion
* E: Uses item that is put into Shortcut
* R: Uses item that is put into Shortcut
* F: Opens/Closes friends meniu
* P: Party Window
* G: Guild Window
* A: skill tree
* U: menu
*X: Mu Online Shop
* Numbers (1-9): Select Spell/Skill Binds
* CTRL + number (1-9): Bind spells/skill to number

Chat Functions:

* ~ <message>: sends party message
* @ <message>: sends guild message
* @> <message>: sends guild notice (Guild Leader Only)
* Page UP and Page DOWN: scrolls through messages
* TAB: Toggles between Chat box and ID box
* Right Click on Message: Obtains Whisper ID

At the bottom of your game window you can see a bar like this

In it you can see your character life, mana , sd, ag ponts, skills bar where you can see your skills and you are able to change them, also place for potions (healing potion, mana potion, complex , sd potion, antidote and many more). In a right side you have Character(C), Inventory(I,V), Friends (F) and Menu(U).

By pressing "D" you will get command window

It helps you to trade other people, to buy from personal stores, to party others, to whisper, to join guild, to make guild alliance, to add friends, to make duel challenge, and others.
Some of commands you can simply write in chat box (you must stay next to the player you want to trade or make party or other commands)

* /Party: To set up a party
* /Guild: To join a guild
* /Trade: To start a trade
* /Request off : Declines any request
* /Request on :accepts all requests
* /Buy: Opens personal store
* /Duel: Begins/Ends a duel with opposing player
*/clearpk: Clears your PK status
*/post: Posts a global message on the server
*/move or /warp <map_name> - Moves you to a desired map
*/war or /guildwar <guild_name> - starts a war with the desired guild
*/soccer or /battlesoccer <guild_name> - starts a soccer game against the desired guild

When you press "C" you will see your character stats, level, free points, etc.
All characters has 4 attributes which you need to rise : Strength, Agility, Stamina and Energy. Only Dark Lord has one additional : Command. Points you get for each level you make, max lvl is 400, after you will have to reset your character via website and start leveling again(to gain more points).Each character gets 5 points per level, only Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord gets 7 points per level.

To add points you need to press on "+" , adding points will make your character stronger (possible max stats are 32000).
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Basic Functions
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