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 Castle Siege

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PostSubject: Castle Siege   Castle Siege EmptyFri Mar 16, 2012 7:54 pm

Castle Siege

Castle Siege Basics

1)There is only one Castle in the Valley of Loren.
2)Move to Lorencia (239, 13) to enter the Valley of Loren or Warp there.
3) Castle Siege only accessible by logging onto server 20.

Requirements For CS (Castle Siege)

1)All participating guilds must have a Guild Master that is at least Level 200.
2)All participating guilds must have at least 20 members or more.
3)Anyone in the Valley of Loren can join and Kill Any player they please.
4)If the guild that holds the castle disbands at anytime, they will forfeit the castle.
5)There can only be three attacking guilds during the event.

Siege Status:

1) Truce Period: Starts from the end of siege till the start of
the next siege. Alliances can only be forged during this time! (Saturday
after Siege end to Monday)
2) Siege Registration Announcement: Time for guilds to announce their intentions to attack the castle (Monday ~ Tuesday)
3) Registration period: Time to compete for the top 3 slots for the siege by using Signs of Lord to enhance their ranking (Wednesday ~ Thursday)
4) Announcement of Qualified Guilds: Announces guilds that have been accepted into Castle Siege. (Friday ~ Saturday before Seige)
5) Seige Start: See last post about reading the board in order to find out the exact time for your time zone.

Siege Battle Basics
When the the guild registration is complete, the invading team and their
allies will have a weapon icon (depending on a team) and defending and
their allies will have a shield icon.

1)PK does not apply to the guilds of the invading and defending teams.
2)The Alliance Masters (Invading/Defending) will have a crown mark on the top aswell as sword or shield mark.
Castle Siege Defending_invading_am

4)Neutral characters will not be marked as attackers or defenders.
5)Guild registration/withdrawal during the battle is not allowed.

Siege Controls

1) Characters can attack without pressing [CTRL].

2) Characters with guild ranking (Guild Master, Assistant Guild Master, Battle Master) may use special Siege skills:
a) Each rank has own set of skills.
b) To enable skill, the character must have certain ammount of kills.
c) To activate skill, player should press [SHIFT]+[Right Mouse Button]

Basic Policy and Winning conditions

1)The alliance under the invading/defending team will automatically be sorted into each invading/defending team.

Castle Siege Defending_invading_memb

2)Attacking your own troops is possible by
pressing Ctrl key,but beware as some of the spells and skills will cause
damage to your own allies even in normal attack mode.

Winning conditions:
The Siege is won by the guild which has registered official Seal before the time runs out.

Registering the official Seal:
1) In order to get access to Chamber (inside) all Statues must be destroyed.

Castle Siege Chamber_statue

2) Both of the switches at the Chamber (inside) must be activated.

Castle Siege Switch

a) If the character that activated the switch leaves the area marked on the floor (or dies) theswitch deactivates.
b) The Switch may be activated only by the battle masters of the main alliance guild
c) To deactivate Crown Shield both Switches must be activated

3) Having the Crown Shield deactivated, the attacking Alliance Master must start registering the Official Seal by clicking on the Crown image.

Castle Siege Crown

a) Seal registration (sealing) takes 1 minute (or 30 seconds, usually there's no time to count time).
b) If the sealing Alliance Master moves or is moved (or dies), the seal will be canceled and must be started again.
c) The Seal can be registered only by Alliance Master of attacking team which has the both switches activated.

4) Once Seal Registration is complete, the invading and defending alliances switch positions.
5) Once those alliances switch positions, the new defending team is
warped into castle, and new invading team warped out of there.

After the Seal:
1) The Siege continues until the time runs out.
2) Any other invading team (including ex-defending) may still take
over the Castle after successful Seal registration.After The Time Runs

Benefits of having the Castle:
1) Land Of Trials/Dare Devil/Dormor can be available to All or just
the Alliance. The Decision is up to the Lord of The Castle.
2) Your Guild Sign Will Be On The Flags On Your Castle
3) The ability to make Lord's Mix using Senior NPC inside the Castle.

Click here for Lord's Mix Guide

Potion of Bless and Potion of Soul

These potions are required to destroy the gates and statues from the castle.

* The durability of the weapon deteriorates rapidly to attack the gates
of the castle and statues without first taking the potion, it greatly
reduces the attack power of the weapon.

The characteristic of the potion Bless

* The duration of effect is 60 seconds.
* Applies the increase of +20% damage when attacking the door and the statue but the castle does not apply in PvP.

Characteristic of Potion of Soul

* The duration of effect is 30 minutes.
* Restores AG +8.
* Increase defensive power from lightning and ice at 50%.
* Increase attack speed +20.

Castle Siege Pot_soul_bless

Method for creating potions

  • Talk with the Chaos Goblin and the typical mix of Chaos
  • Potion of Bless: 5 potions will be created using 1
    Jewel of Bless, Potion of Soul: 5 potions will be created using 1 Jewel
    of Soul.
  • Zen need is 100,000 zen per Jewel of Bless and 50,000 zen per Jewel of Soul.

Using The Potions

  • Potion of Bless and Potion of Soul can be used as regular
    potions by using the keys Q / W / E or a shortcut key can be assigned to
    Ctrl + Q / W / E pressing while pointing the cursor over the
    corresponding article.
  • When the player uses the Potion of Bless and Potion
    of Soul, potions that are being used will be indicated at the top of the
Castle Siege Pots_usage
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Castle Siege
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